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Controller panel - Length view

The Length View allows you to change the playback duration of hits.
Controller panel length view
Right-click on the Controller panel then select Length View.
Controller panel length menu
You have the option to apply hit length changes to All samples or Groups only. Select one of the options from the menu or click the All Samples/Groups Toggle button.
To display the playback correctly you need to have the Visual Hit Length button enabled on the View toolbar. See Setting the view.
visual hit length
Length view example - Full length
Controller panel length view example1
Left-click on the Controller panel and drag the bars up or down to adjust the time before cut-off. The value will be shown in the left panel.
Length view ex2 - 50% length
Controller panel length vew example2
In the picture above the open hat will only ring out 50% of its original length.
Use the Selection Tool from the Tools Toolbar to change only selected hits.
Selection tool
The Length tool on the Tools toolbar can also be used to adjust a hits playback length.

Length tool button

Controller Lock Length

Use the Controller Lock to set hit lengths to the same value.
length lock
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