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Welcome to the DrumThrash version 2.5.0.x online help guide. This guide will show you how to set up and start making drum tracks. Many sections provide tips on drum kits, drum programming and ways to help save you time. If you have a suggestion please send an email to one of the links found on the support page. The help guide may be updated as the software develops. 

Menus and Toolbars


Getting to know the layout

Main layout
Event panel
Function panel
Kit panel
Controller panel
Time ruler
Transport panel

Setup and getting started

Installing a DrumThrash license
Setting a sound device
Startup options
Quick Start
Setting the view
Follow Timeline

Creating Drum Kits

Importing audio
Create an instrument group
Kit views
Kit properties
Changing instruments
Choke Map
Sample blender
Where to explore next?

Programming a drum beat in DrumThrash

Creating a new project
Choosing a playback mode
Selecting a time signature
Edit a time signature
Creating a new pattern
Selecting a grid division
Set a custom grid division
Programming a simple drum beat
Odd time signatures
Arranging a song
Drum programming tips
Take your tracks to the next level

How to quantize and humanize drums in DrumThrash

What is Quantization?
Using the Quantize toolbar
What is humanization?
How to quantize beats
What is humanization?
How to humanize beats
Should I humanize?
Creating Tuplets
Quantize Threshold
Quantize User Presets
Humanizing tips
Where to next?

Understanding Pulses per quarter note

What is Pulses per quarter note?
What is a quarter note?
What 's the advantage of  having a higher PPQN?
DrumThrash and MIDI

The Controller panel

Velocity view
Pan view
Length view
Tempo view
- Create new tempo marker
- Free tempo markers
- Delete Tempo Marker
Files view

Master Mixer - Master Fx

Master Mixer
Master Fx

Save load

Open Project
Save Project
Save Pattern
Import Pattern
Import MIDI
Export to MIDI
Save Kit
Load Kit
Export Audio
Missing Files
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