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Master Fx

Enhance your tracks by adding effects. DrumThrash supports VST 2.4 compatible Plugins.

To open the Master Fx window, navigate to the View menu and select 'Master Fx', or click the 'Master Fx' button on the View toolbar.
Master effects button
Alternatively, you can click on the 'Fx' located on the Function panel to open the Master Fx window.
Master effects
Master fx window

Bypass Master Effects Bin: Bypasses the master effects bin.

Quick Scan: Scan for Vst files without testing them.

Scan: This type of scan will attempt to test plugins for compatibility.

Master Effects Bin: Effects that have been added to the master mixer.

Vst Folder Paths:  Location to search for Vst plugins. Multiple folder paths can be added separated by a comma. After the scan has completed available plugins will be displayed in the right pane. Double-click on a an effect to add it to the Master Effects Bin.

Browse Folder dialog: Browse for a folder containing Vst files.

Filter:  Type to search for a plugin.

Show Tips: Show/Hide Help Tips.


Right-click Master Effects Bin for options
Master Fx menu
Master Fx bin
Select the checkbox  to bypass an effect.

Effects higher up in the chain will have a higher priority.

Note: Errors may occur during scanning. This means either the plugin is incompatible or failed to load. These errors should be harmless and can be ignored. Be sure to test your plugins. If you are experiencing playback problems an incompatible plugin would be first suspect.

Use the Master Mixer to control playnack levels.
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