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Controller panel - Tempo view

Tempo changes can be added at any division up to 256 tempo changes per 4/4 measure. See Selecting a grid division.
To show tempo markers right-click on the Controller panel then select Tempo View from the menu.
Controller panel tempo view
Controller panel - Right click menu:
Controller panel tempo menu

Create new tempo marker

To create a new tempo marker right-click on the Controller panel then select New Tempo Marker from the menu.
Your cursor will change to a pushpin.
Tempo marker pushpin
To place the tempo marker left-click on the Controller panel at the division where you want to place it.
Tempo panel
To change tempo left-click then drag the marker up or down.

You can also double-click the tempo column on the left panel to change a tempo.

Press the "Esc" Key to cancel a new tempo marker.

Tempo markers are also displayed on the Time ruler in teal.
Time ruler tempo markers

Free tempo markers

When enabled you can freely move tempo markers to any division line. Left-click then drag to move a marker to another division. Tempo markers will Snap to the grid division that is set on the Quantize toolbar.
Free tempo markers

Delete Tempo Marker

To delete a tempo marker, right-click on the marker then select Delete Tempo Marker.
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